Cutting Edge Cameras

  • Trichromatic 5400 Pixel Cameras with high speed capability for superior scanning
  • Double Scanning System that recognizes up to 0.04 mm2

Smart Phone Ready and Cloud Integrated

  • Smart phone pairing system allows for the machine to be run remotely
  • Can store up to 40 user profiles using its cloud data capabilities

Easy to Use Interface

  • 12 Japanese Touch Screen with a super simple interface
  • Robust Windows Powered Operating System that allows for easy software updates

Advanced Image Processing Capability

  • Capture and Processes Images at a high speed allowing for recognition of tiny spots, tiny lines, yellows, etc

Intelligent Dust Cleaning System

  • Self triggered dust cleaning system that adapts to the conditions and reduces dust collection inside the machine in body

Intelligent Illumination System

  • Advanced LED lighting system is dimmable and adapts automatically to the material and environment

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    Model Channel Resorting Combo Capacity (Ton/hr) accuracy(%) Rejection Ratio
    NS-1003+ 192 2:1 1.5-2.0 >99.99 1:50
    NS-1004+ 256 2:1:1 2.5-3.0 >99.99 1:50
    NS-1005+ 320 3:1:1/4:1 3.0-3.5 >99.99 1:50
    NS-1007+ 448 4:2:1 4-4.5 >99.99 1:50
    NS-1008+ 512 5:2:1 5.0-5.5 >99.99 1:50
    NS-1010+ 640 6:3:1 6-6.5 >99.99 1:50

    * All above capacities and rejection ratios are as per 5% contamination. When contamination rises, capacity and rejection ratio changes


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