Water Jet Rice Polisher Machines

Water jet silk machines are the latest generation machines that give best quality polishing to rice and give a silky smooth finish to the rice grain. A special water jet device provided with spray gun to get mist form with compressed air and water, which gives superior quality of smooth and silky rice.

BENEFITS OF Water Jet Rice Polisher Machines

  • Gives full silky finish to the rice.

  • Equipped with a special spray gun to give uniformly silky rice.

  • Suitable for raw, steam and boiled rice and gives high degree of finish to the rice.

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    Code No. Product Name Capacity on Paddy Speed Power Recommended Dimensions (L * B * H in mm)
    WJGR00 WATER JET SILK POLISHER GEM 3-4 Ton/hr 822 RPM 40-50 HP/1440 RPM
    0.5 HP/1400 RPM*
    1632 * 680 * 1435
    WJSR00 WATER JET SILK POLISHER 4-5 Ton/hr 840 RPM 50-60 HP/1440 RPM
    0.5 HP/1440 RPM*
    2150 * 730 * 1600
    WJSMF00 WATER JET SILK MASTER 6-8 Ton/hr 840 RPM 75-100 HP/1440 RPM
    0.5 HP/1440 RPM*
    2150 * 810 * 1950

    * Motors marked * will be supplied along with the machine.
    Minimum 1 pass of silky needed for raw rice
    Minimum 2 passes of silky needed for boiled rice
    For customers who want export quality, 3 passes of silky is recommended

    Exploring Jet Rice Polisher

    The jet rice polisher stands as a technological sensation in rice processing. It is designed to enhance rice grains’ visual appeal and overall quality using cutting-edge technology.

    Rice mills that combine jet rice polishers gain a competitive edge by delivering premium-quality rice that meets consumers’ preferences.

    How Does a Jet Rice Polisher Work?

    The jet rice polisher uses an abrasive action to remove the outer bran layer from rice grains which contributes to the removal of impurities. The equipment utilizes precision water jets to carry out the polishing process that also washes away the loosened bran particles.

    Jet rice polishers operate under controlled pressure conditions, allowing for a sufficient balance between effective polishing and preventing damage to the rice grains. This machine is designed for continuous operation, enabling a consistent and efficient polishing process.

    Why Should You Buy a Jet Rice Polisher from Suri Engineers?

    The jet rice polisher by Suri Engineers is a refined machinery piece that combines abrasive action, water precision, controlled pressure, and adjustable settings to deliver a polished product that not only looks appealing but also meets the strict quality standards of the rice industry.

    In Which Locations Do Suri Engineers Supply Jet Rice Polishers?

    With nearly five decades of expertise, Suri Engineers have continually pushed rice mills into the future, offering cutting-edge rice polishers. Their jet rice polishers for rice mills are available across various states of India including Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, West Bengal, Assam, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Haryana.

    Suri Engineers has also left their mark by supplying these advanced polishers to rice mills in various international countries.

    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

    1. Can a jet rice polisher be used for different types of rice varieties?

    Yes, jet rice polishers are versatile machines suitable for various rice varieties. They can be adjusted and customized to accommodate different types of rice grains.

    2. What maintenance is required for a jet rice polisher?

    Regular maintenance is essential to ensure optimal performance. Common tasks include cleaning the water nozzles, checking for any blockages, and inspecting the polishing chamber.

    3. What are the key benefits of using a jet rice polisher in the rice milling process?

    Using a jet rice polisher offers several advantages like improved rice appearance, enhanced market value, and a smoother texture. It efficiently removes outer layers of impurities, giving the rice a glossy finish and maintaining nutritional value.

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