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Fortified Rice Ribbon Blender


The Machine is used to mix accurately two different products to reach desired axing ratio. A special Design SS ribbons to mix the material into high uniformly in a few seconds. This machine having user friendly HMI to set required percentage of weights and mixing time. Machine works on load cell technology

Advantages :-

  • Easy to integrate seamlessly with Exisiting Production line.
  • The Material contact parts all made of SS-Stainless Steel.
  • Module design for easy installation and Operation.
  • User friendly HMI interface with Auto Selection of FRK percentage.
  • Fully pneumatics operated with load cells.
  • PLC Based system with touchscreen controls.
Code No Product Name Capacity on Paddy Speed Power Recommended Dimensions(L*B*H in mm)
RFR00 FORTIFIED RICE RIBBON BLENDER 3-4 Ton/ Hr 48 RPM 2 HP/ 1400 RPM* 875 * 740 * 2340
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